June 29, 2014

Our Story

How we started

After graduating with my Masters for International Education from New York University in 2013, I was not sure what I wanted to do. I started job searching and doing informational interviews with people from different industries. The stories I heard were so motivational and unique that I decided more people should hear them. Among the informational interviews I conducted, the ones I  felt more connected to were those of other women. One common theme I gathered from my interviews with women was that all of us sought opportunities to connect with other women — to self reflect, have open conversations, share experiences and be encouraged.

And this is how this blog was started in June 2014 — to share the great stories of men and women I met — give people the opportunity to hear from people they normally wouldn’t have — and walk in other people’s shoes. However, it was not easy for me to write blog posts because I have information processing disorder which sometimes hinders my ability to process and decode information I hear or see.  Still, I started to blog to challenge myself and overcome my fear and disability — with help from the now-growing group of talented community of women.

In the last three years, the blog has evolved into a diverse community of women who come together to inspire and encourage each other in pursuit of personal and professional ambitions.

What we are doing now

  • Walking In Other People’s Shoes is a community for women to inspire and encourage each other by sharing how they found their voices. In addition to the blog, we host workshops to help women to find and strengthen their voices.

How you can get involved

  • Be a guest blogger and share your story
  • Volunteer to facilitate or organize events for our community
  • Or share your passion and expertise with us – we are currently looking for a photographer, social media guru, and events/marketing specialists.

If you’d like to learn more or raise your hand to be involved, drop us a line!

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