Back in Elise’s Shoes: Where is She Now?

Name: Elise-Christelle Woappi (prefers Elise)
What have you been up to since your blog post with WIOPS?
I’ve grown tremendously in my personal life and professional career, relocated to a different city, and grew closer to my family. It’s been an intense self-growth and self-development journey. I’ve also experienced different successes and failures. My startup, Tchuento, finished building its prototype and completed a startup accelerator – but the company ultimately had a lot of red flags and ended up needing to pivot.

In Elise’s shoes : Becoming Confident, Bold, and Successful

Name: Elise-Christelle Woappi (prefers Elise) Hometown: Born in Cameroon Grew up: Hanover, Pennsylvania Current Residence: Manhattan What does it mean to have a voice? To be able to express yourself without setback and accomplish success despite the challenges you might face. How did you find your voice? I focused on developing my mental and emotional health so Read more about In Elise’s shoes : Becoming Confident, Bold, and Successful[…]

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