In Krity’s shoes: Conquering the Fashion Industry One #OOTD at a Time

Name: Krity Shrestha
What does it mean to have a voice? Having a voice means having power, a confidence to speak up.
How did you find your voice? My grandmother largely inspired me and the fashion industry further encouraged my voice.

In KK’s shoes: Push Through

Have you ever woken up and wondered, “What am I doing with my life?” Do you think, “My life isn’t bad, but I feel like something is missing?” And yet, despite the momentary glimpse of clarity, you proceed with your day as you normally would until you find yourself back in bed, asking yourself the Read more about In KK’s shoes: Push Through[…]

In Mel’s shoes: One Dish At A Time

I used to be a bit of an overachiever. I planned, scheduled and arranged my life according to lists, then beat myself up when deadlines were not met, promises were broken, or piecrusts did not turn out exactly the way I wanted. I often obsessed over what I could have done differently and rarely gave myself Read more about In Mel’s shoes: One Dish At A Time[…]

In Ellie’s shoes: Museums, Concert and Galleries

Spring has finally arrived in the Big Apple and it has motivated me to explore and immerse in the arts and culture-related activities the city has to offer. Recently, I have gone to several museums and attended a choir concert.  Each one was fascinating — be it learning about a different culture or seeing artist view of life. Rubin Read more about In Ellie’s shoes: Museums, Concert and Galleries[…]

In Ellie’s shoes: Brunching in Style 

I have been hosting monthly Power Brunches for women for a number of months now. First and foremost, these are about bringing professional women from different backgrounds together and sharing insights; however, personally these also give me the opportunity to be creative and add my personal touch and style in terms of food and decorations. Read more about In Ellie’s shoes: Brunching in Style […]

In Ellie’s shoes: Coffee Crushing

In my online travels, I came upon via Instagram. They’re a community discovering and reviewing the best coffee shops, bars, co-working spaces and other friendly places in cities and towns all over the globe. It’s a great site for people who work remotely and need to get work done. Initially I had planned to Read more about In Ellie’s shoes: Coffee Crushing[…]

In Ellie’s shoes: Channeling my inner Martha

Growing up, I watched Martha Stewart and Katie Brown. I was inspired by their creativity and love for small details. I always wanted to learn how to put together a gathering of such warmth and hospitality with lovely décor and great food for guests. And guess what! My dream is coming true now for our Read more about In Ellie’s shoes: Channeling my inner Martha[…]