Back in Perla’s Shoes: Where is She Now?

Name: Perla Brito In Perla’s Shoes: Tomar las Reindas (previously published August 2018) What’s been the biggest change in your life? How has your Voice helped you grow through it? The biggest change was my husband moving jobs and being away during the week, Monday through Friday, so I am now alone with the kids Read more about Back in Perla’s Shoes: Where is She Now?[…]

In Amy’s shoes: Empathy and Creativity

Name: Amy Tai
What does it mean to have a voice?
think having a voice is the embodiment of courage. It takes courage to accept yourself fully, with all the vulnerability and splendor that make up our unique identity. It takes fortitude to express our voice, but even more to use our voice to uplift others.

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