In Ashlee’s shoes: Does anybody do dinner parties anymore?

IMG_6985With the next Power Brunch Sunday fast-approaching, my excitement builds with thoughts of new conversation to be had, with a group of women nervously unaware of their readiness to share it.

As soon as you enter the home of our blog founder, Ellie Windham, you are immediately swept with the sweet smell of a casserole baking in the oven and DIY treats that are made for sharing. Most importantly, you feel the warmth of love in a cozy home where you can sit back, kick off your shoes and just relax.

Everyone brought ingredients for the mimosas but in my opinion, the best things we brought were ourselves. Living in New York City and making time is one of the most taxing things I’ve ever tried to do. I can find a whole day to lounge but when it comes to making the effort to do things that involve getting out of bed…I mean, c’mon right?

A lawyer, a teacher, a writer, and an entrepreneur sums an array of the career paths that the women in at our comfy brunch held. Our topic of choice for the day –re-imagine your journey– did not lead the conversation, only guided it. We talked about everything from relationships, marriage, our careers, what good books to read and our paths to NYC. And we discussed it all over homemade brunch pizza, breakfast casserole, and mini quiches! The table was centered with orange roses that gloriously represented our petals of stories being revealed one by one at the table.

No one took notes or gazed at their phones- we just talked. We talked, we listened, we laughed and we remembered. We took a trip down memory lane to retell the stories of our journey. I shared my journey of first moving to New York, my relationship that had ended and how it affected me, and a snippet from my life in the industry- the restaurant industry.  The reason I say a “snippet of my life in the industry” is, well, there are industry secrets never meant to be shared and those who’ve worked in “the biz” know exactly what I’m talking about!

But there is power in sharing. Sharing a thought, time, love…all these things represent our Power Brunch and it trickles down into beautiful reminders for us throughout the rest of the month and beyond. Reminders that you are not going through the journey alone, we are all learning, all growing and the best part is we don’t know what’s next!

And this is the very best part. It is the best because we leave room for ourselves to imagine and re-imagine and re-imagine our stories yet again…every time bigger than the last.

I’m excited! I’m excited to meet ladies who are all bumping around into things and trying to figure out this thing called life…or, oh wait, is that just me?

Well, I think this post is long enough and the topics we discussed at brunch ranged from A to Z. Next weekend, the alphabet starts again, hope you’ll be there!

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