In Tsering’s shoes: Not alone

Two months ago, I embarked on an important decision of my life – after traveling back and forth for over a decade, I am back in New York to make a new life with my partner with aspiration of building a new future, a home –Undoubtedly nervous but optimistic as I rekindled with my old and golden friends who have given me immense positive energy and guided me through concrete jungle of New York to reestablish my path in personal and professional life.

In this course, Ellie, the creator of ‘Walking in other people’s shoe’ blog, and my best friend of 14 years since college invited me to a Power Brunch Sunday – a monthly brunch she had been hosting since January 2016 with the sole aim of empowering women by sharing stories to ‘explore deeper professional and personal connections’. This was the 11th and the last brunch of 2016 and I was thrilled to be a part of a great initiative, a casual gathering of diverse women from all walks of life.

Honestly I did not know who I was going to meet that day but I knew I was going to walk away with memories and new contacts. In a matter of half an hour, seven ladies gathered under a roof of a cozy room filled with fusion of warmth from Buddhists thankas and chic decor that she budgeted under $20 like every monthly brunch.

Team work matters and so every attendee at the brunch contributed to a dish or two staring piggies in a blanket, mushroom casserole, green tea cake and I prepared roasted garlic flavored hummus with pitta bread. Unlike the Victorian Era Dinning Etiquette, we were nearly licking the plates, eating with hands, talking politics to some extent,

Every brunch began with collectively deciding on a theme- such as sparkle and shine in January, re-imagine your journey in February, dream in March, identity in May and so on. Each of these themes was dedicated to concurrent events happening around us and the globe at large. For example, dedicating to Nepalese after the mega earthquake in Nepal in April 2016, the group chose resilience as their theme in April Power Brunch Sunday. Likewise, ‘celebration’ was the theme of this 11th and the last brunch in December 2016. With holiday mode and many achievements and learnings to share, we had a lot to be thankful for.

I found this experience to be awakening, yet so effortless and therapeutic as we sat around and took turns to share our genuine thoughts and feelings. We learned that when one door closes, another door(s) will open for you. And it is up to us to collect ourselves to change our gears, opt for new avenues and succeed at it. And through this course, it is important we have likeminded friends to share and learn. Most of all, from this experience I learned that I am no more alone.

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During these unprecedented times, we want to address how challenging and impactful this will be in shaping our present lives and future stories. Our blog was built on sharing incredible voices within our community locally and globally that show us – we are not alone. This time shows us how truly connected we are.

By staying at home and doing our best not to spread this virus, we understand how important it is to walk in other people’s shoes. We want to encourage everyone to continue to show kindness to each other. Our ability to be empathetic and compassionate is in great need as we are collectively contributing to safeguard each other. Even though we must be physically separate, we hope that we can continue to connect through our voices and shared experience.

Stay strong, stay healthy, continue to live your incredible lives and lift your voices!

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