In KK’s shoes: Push Through

Have you ever woken up and wondered, “What am I doing with my life?” Do you think, “My life isn’t bad, but I feel like something is missing?” And yet, despite the momentary glimpse of clarity, you proceed with your day as you normally would until you find yourself back in bed, asking yourself the same exact question.

That was me, and I hate to say, it was me until very recently. I was in such a rut that I could hardly pull myself out of bed. I was mean for no reason, tired all of the time, and withdrawn from all the things I normally love doing.

Now—these mornings—I feel refreshed and inspired. I feel free to create again. But as much as it sounds like the change happened overnight, it didn’t. Perseverance and a little serendipity played a huge part. I first started feeling better when I forced myself to work on the blog I had been planning to start with my friend Tiana, aka TY.

The funny thing is, she and I were never supposed to meet. I had taken her position at a bridal dress boutique, and there was no reason for us to have been there at the same time. However, on one busy Saturday, we were shorthanded and the manager asked if she could fill in.

She and I chatted in between tasks, but mostly I admired her work ethic (at a job she didn’t need to be at, mind you) and her great sense of style. Later, I decided to reach out and we got to talking about all of our common interests. Similarly, we both felt unfulfilled at our jobs and decided we should create something together. But after a year and a half of, “someday we’ll do this blog,” it had become an empty promise.

Before long, I was back at a standstill, lost in depression once again. Yet this time I pushed through. I forced myself to ignore the fear of failure and chip away at my self doubt like a sculpture out of marble.

Chip. Chip. Clink. Thud!

Then there it was, our lifestyle blog: WORKKPARTY. The side gig we have been waiting for came to fruition. I was so proud to text TY and tell her I had done some work (by some work, I mean a total revamp) on our blog and that she should check it out and let me know her thoughts.

Her reply: I love it. 

After that, it was like something had mended inside of me. We had this awesome website now. No more excuses. We HAD to start posting. For the first half of 2017, we only experimented. We tried writing on different topics, tweaking parts of the website to fit our style and content, and thinking of new ways to reach our audience. We soft launched WORKKPARTY in February, but will announce an official launch soon.

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