In Perla’s shoes: Tomar las Reindas

Name: Perla Brito Hometown: Taxco, Mexico Current Residence: Alpharetta, GA What does it mean to have a voice? To have a say in your life. To decide for yourself and have the control of your life in your hands. How did you find your voice? I gained control of my life by putting myself first and listening Read more about In Perla’s shoes: Tomar las Reindas[…]

In Monique’s shoes: Never Say Never

Name: Monique Pinkney Hometown: Washington, DC Current Residence: Severn, Maryland What does it mean to have a voice? Having the courage to tell your story. How did you find your voice? Writing. I started my first blog, A Day In The Life Of A Mo(del) in 2009 to share my experiences in the Big Apple pursuing a Read more about In Monique’s shoes: Never Say Never[…]

During these unprecedented times, we want to address how challenging and impactful this will be in shaping our present lives and future stories. Our blog was built on sharing incredible voices within our community locally and globally that show us – we are not alone. This time shows us how truly connected we are.

By staying at home and doing our best not to spread this virus, we understand how important it is to walk in other people’s shoes. We want to encourage everyone to continue to show kindness to each other. Our ability to be empathetic and compassionate is in great need as we are collectively contributing to safeguard each other. Even though we must be physically separate, we hope that we can continue to connect through our voices and shared experience.

Stay strong, stay healthy, continue to live your incredible lives and lift your voices!

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