In Sheela’s shoes: Overcoming Fear to Pursue Your Passion

Name: Sheela Pai
What does it mean to have a voice?  It means accepting and finding the beauty in all parts of yourself and your history.
How did you find your voice?When I fell in love with running after over a year of struggling emotionally. I not only found a healthy outlet  for all those feelings but I also met so many people in the incredible NYC running community who openly and eloquently shared their life challenges, making me feel comfortable to do the same. 

In Jerlyn’s shoes: Live Your Best Life

Name:  Jerlyn Thomas
What does it mean to have a voice? Being your authentic self despite marching to your own drum or dancing to your own beat.
How did you find your voice? By seeking purpose, running into some barriers, and learning to fail. I think my voice has always been there. It just assumed no one else wanted to hear it.