In Ellie’s shoes: Visiting Ida’s Studio

On a Sunday afternoon, Kanti Shrestha and I ventured to busy Canal street in Chinatown to visit Ida Ivanka Kubler’s art studio. Ida discussed her interesting art pieces made of cocoons, and since this blog is about women supporting women, we were very curious and excited to see her work in person. Her quaint studio is shared with a fellow artist who welcomed us with chocolates. Recently moving to New York City, Ida had to ship all her art pieces from London by boat.


Ida showing her portrait work. This portrait is made out of small stars!


These are the cocoons that she uses. I didn’t realize they were white. I always imagined them to be brown. Ida carefully cuts them into star shapes and paints them. This process takes patience because of the delicate nature of the work handling these cocoons. She carefully puts them one by one onto canvas, lovingly creating the image in her mind’s eye.


“The Birth of An Idea” series.  This is the finished piece.  It’s beautifully done and looks amazing! The color and depth are quite stunning.


This is one of her silk fiber pieces. The texture is truly intriguing!


I really loved this one. This is of Washington Square Park. It reminded me of my graduate school days while attending New York University.

We spent a lovely afternoon with Ida at her studio and finished with Chinese food at Joe’s Ginger. Thank you so much, Ida, for taking the time to show us your studio. If you like to contact Ida Ivanka Kubler email her at

“The Birth Of An Idea” series, Silk Cocoons and New Masters Old Holland Acrylics on canvas:

“The Thing” series, Silk Cocoons and Old Holland Oil on canvas:

Like always, keep the inspiration flowing!


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