June 29, 2014

About Us

What we do:

We empower a wide range of women by featuring the stories of women of color. These stories are shared on our blog.

Why we do it:

Storytelling helps to build empathy and connections. These stories are all personal experiences shared with us to show that we are not alone. There are many people who may not be in your same shoes, but they might be walking a very similar route.

How we do it:

Sharing one’s experiences can often be cathartic. We provide a platform to allow women to process their journeys and express themselves through writing and by giving power to their voices. 

How it started:

Ellie Windham was unsure what to do after graduating with a Masters of International Education from New York University in 2013. What started as informational interviews with people in different industries quickly transformed into a connection to the women she spoke with. All of them had a commonality – the desire to connect, reflect, share experiences, and be encouraged. June 2014 marks the start of the opportunity to Walk in Other People’s Shoes and hear their stories in a blog format.

Ellie started to blog to challenge herself and overcome her fear — with help from the growing community of talented women.

How you can get involved:

    • Be a guest blogger and share your story!
    • Volunteer to facilitate or organize events for our community
  • Or share your passion and expertise with us – we are currently looking for a photographer, social media guru, and events/marketing specialists.

If you’d like to learn more or raise your hand to be involved, drop us a line!

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